Appraisal of Collaborating Training Institutions (CTIs)

First Performance appraisal of Collaborating Training Institutions (CTIs) was undertaken in the months of November-December 1998 by NIHFW. Faculty and Consultants visited CTIs and collected information based on the checklist jointly prepared by World Bank and NIHFW. Based on the information, reports were prepared and submitted to MOHFW. Out of the 16 CTIs, the performance of 4 was found satisfactory.

During the months of June-July 1999 teams consisting of Faculty members and Consultants from NIHFW visited CTIs and states. Based on observations during visits as well as discussions during the review meeting, consolidated reports of CTIs were prepared in consultation with the representative from MOHFW and submitted to the Ministry. Out of 16 CTIs, the performance of 2 CTIs viz. SHFWTI, Guwahati and SIHFW, Kharar was not found progressing well.

Performance of CTIs is reviewed on regular basis through:

Analysis of various reports submitted by CTI.

Monitoring visits.

Regional meetings.

During November 2000, appraisal of CTIs revealed that performances of 3 CTIs (SIHFW, Ahmedabad; SIHMC, Gwalior and SHFWTI, Guwahati) were not upto expectation. The last World Bank Review Mission suggested the NIHFW provide extra support to these 3 weak CTIs. NIHFW extended guidance and technical support to this more frequently than to others by visits and participating in the workshop conducted for development of CTP of the concerned states.