Training institutions identified (ISTD)

Integrated Skill Development Training (ISTD)

For implementing the clinical skill training 559 training centres and 525 clinical sites have been identified in the entire country.

Specialised Skill Training (SST)

So far as specialised skill training is concerned 246 centres have been identified for MTP training: 152 for Laparoscopic sterilisation; 198 for Mini-lap; 336 for IUD insertion; and 80 for NSV.

Specialised Management Training

7 Institutions were identified for conducting Specialised Management Training at District Level. Out of these 7 institutions, 2 institutions viz. IIM, Calcutta and IIM, Lucknow were also identified for conducting Specialised Management Training for the State level officers.

Specialised Communication Training

Institutions have been contracted for conducting training for DEMIOs and 15 institutions for conducting Specialised Communication training for BEEs.